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  • Tyler Hilker

    Tyler Hilker

    VP of Strategy at Crema / Design, product, strategy, & facilitating / Addressing alignment issues / Getting us out of our own way / Learning to slow down faster

  • Drew Viehmann

    Drew Viehmann

    Filmmaker and writer fascinated by Virtual Production

  • Fireside


    Podcast hosting and analytics, by podcasters, for podcasters.

  • Chadlantis


    Chad has spent his entire life in gaming and has dedicated thousands of hours through the recent years as a streamer looking to help the community.

  • Guy Batton

    Guy Batton

    Husband. Dad. Web Developer. Student of the world. Poet.

  • Matthew Rothenberg

    Matthew Rothenberg

    Artist + hacker. Made @emojitracker & other internet detritus. Past lives: @flickr, @bitly, @polaroid, @khanacademy.

  • Luke Hurd

    Luke Hurd

    Digital Immersion Director @ Signal Theory

  • Mark Tucker

    Mark Tucker

    Technologist. Manager. Software Architect.

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