Growing up in the United States of America has been a real privilege. What follows is the chronicle of one young man as he contemplates freedom.

I was out and about with my father today,
Spending the time in the very best way,
Looking for fireworks, on the Fourth of July,

He taught me to shop with a critical eye,
To steward my savings comin’ thro’ rye,
With his help, I learned what I should do.

I grew up in a home where no money was due,
My father worked hard and taught his kids to,
Hoping one day, they would take it to heart,

Mother stayed home and schooled us from the start,
Teaching us much and playing her noble part,
Not out of duty, because she…

tl;dr — Making experiences in Augmented Reality is fun; Crema decided to try our hand at a holiday-themed effect; we created a neat scene-switching mechanic; our project file got corrupted and our friend helped us solve it; we learned valuable lessons along the way.

Great Augmented Reality experiences are like magic: interactive, always within reach, and integrate seamlessly with the world around you. They let you see into another world where anything is possible. What makes them successful is a solid connection between you — the user — and an experience that is both natural and engaging.

But like all…

“The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.”
— Dennis Gabor

Most articles trying to predict technology trends will tell you that solutions like chatbots, AMP and SEO optimizations, and innovative voice search tools are all going to be big in 2021.

But you already knew all of that, right?

It seems that we will always have yet more chatbots plaguing our websites, structured content will always be important, and privacy around voice input will always be a hot topic.

If you’re tired of hearing how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world (it already has) or…

Welcome to this brief mini-series focusing on the Why, What, and How of being a developer at Crema. Note that I’m pulling heavily from language that our team worked on to refine each of these points. Development is a team sport!

Designing effective workflows is an important part of any efficient system. Four methods developers at Crema use to build digital products include: GitFlow, Code Reviews, Testing, and Dev Chat.

In the first part of this series, we defined the “Why” of our specific team practices, habits, and behaviors. …

Welcome to this brief mini-series focusing on the Why, What, and How of being a developer at Crema. Note that I’m pulling heavily from language that our team worked to refine on each of these points. Development is a team sport!

We have a simple mission as developers:

We design, build, and ship products that we are proud to have created.

This helps to define our “Crema Code” and direct our day-to-day work. It’s easy to say, but hard to do correctly and consistently. …

Originally published at on May 13, 2019

Throughout the course of our two-day developer conference in San Jose, California, we shared exciting new updates and innovations to explore the relationship between technology and human connection. This year’s event featured 70+ sessions and offered hands-on experiences with Facebook’s products and tools.
— Facebook Developer Team

Since we couldn’t attend F8 in person, our development team at Crema decided to select several talks and watch them together right after the conference ended. Here are the ones we chose, what we learned, and snippets from our group discussion after each session.‍

Intro to React Hooks

  • Hooks…

Creating an app for iOS/Android was once a daunting task. Often the skill, time, or cost were prohibitive factors that held people back from building something great and getting it deployed to the App Store(s).

Many toolsets have attempted to solve these problems, including (but not limited to) React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Cordova, Appcelerator, and NativeScript. Each framework took a slightly different approach, each had its strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately each rose and fell in popularity.


But, it’s 2019, this is no longer rocket science. We need a new player in this game. Today we’re going to take a…

(📷 Giphy)

The app/web development industry is in a funny place. There’s no real way to know whether you’re on track for a long, fulfilling career or whether you’ll be replaced by a robot in 6–12 months. Job descriptions are more fluid and toolsets are more available than any other time in history, meaning that defined paths toward “success” are either highly subjective or nowhere to be found.

For someone just starting out, the road to proficiency in any discipline within development can be a real grind. For someone already writing code for a living, staying fresh and flexible is often equally…

I love the simple elegance of podcasts, specifically ones that are audio-only. The medium affords an easy-to-digest bundle of information with a personalized touch. You can listen to one episode or subscribe to hundreds of them and still feel a connection through the conversational format.

This just in: video has not killed the radio star.

Over the years, the tools and services used to aggregate podcast feeds have changed almost as much as the selection of shows. That’s the beautiful thing about this format: the barrier to entry and the speed of exit are both next to nothing. …

I work and live alone. As a web developer, my day-to-day is largely spent in front of a screen, flying solo.

In fact, I work to create opportunities we can all experience in our own little personal glass spheres.

How does this happen? How can we still be “alone” with the many social networks, developer communities, and use of Slack in the workplace, but it is definitely true: we as internet users spend an increasing amount of time in custom-made ever-shrinking private bubbles.

“No duh, CK, that’s been true for a long time! Why bring this up now?”

Well, I’m getting married in one month. :)

I desperately want to share the cool things I’m working on with my wife. There…

CK Hicks

Storyteller by trade, creative technologist @cremalab by day, servant of Christ and all people by calling. You can't take the sky from me.

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